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RocNet Welcomes Our Newest Employees!

RocNet is proud to announce that despite the challenges of today, we are still growing! Please welcome the newest members of the RocNet team:

Paul Radel - Senior Account Executive

Paul Radel brings exceptional industry knowledge and experience to RocNet and his customers. As a Senior Account Executive based out of Minnesota, Paul works with companies of all industries to reduce CapEx and help extend IT budgets while maintaining exceptional quality and service.

Jacob Yankloski- Inventory Manager

Jacob Yankloski is the new Inventory Manager at RocNet Supply. Jacob possess extensive experience in inventory management that he is excited to bring to the company. Outside of RocNet Supply, Jacob enjoys watching sports, fishing and spending time with family and friends.

Jonathan Sewell - National Accounts Sales Manager

A proud husband and father of an amazing daughter, Jon has over 20 years of technology sales experience having worked in software, telecom and hardware sales. Jon’s best known for building relationships with his customers and going above and beyond to ensure their priorities come first. Jon joins us in North Carolina.

Jason D’Agostino -Senior Account Representative

Jason is joining the RocNet team with 20 years’ experience in the industry, where he started on the operations side and moved into a sales role about 15 years ago. He is living and working from the Big Island of Hawaii, where he enjoys playing guitar, paddling outrigger canoe and bodysurfing in his spare time.

Beth Lenhard - Sales Administrator

Beth has been a Sales Admin/Purchaser in this industry for the last 20+ years. She feels very lucky where over these years she's worked in great organizations that have given her an opportunity to meet and chat with so many new people. When Beth isn't working, she's usually running her two daughters around to various activities. When she does have a free minute, Beth loves to read, go to the movies or take her two dogs for a walk. Beth joins us in Rochester, NY.

At RocNet we focus on providing the highest quality network equipment and professional services to our clients, and we believe this starts and ends with people. That is why we strive to be more than just a solutions provider: our mission is to ensure that we do right by our clients and our employees, creating a workplace where ideas and innovation can prosper to deliver the best overall experience for everyone involved.

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