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Coronovirus Update for RocNet Partners and Customers

RocNet Partners and Customers:

Governor Cuomo today announced that all non-essential businesses in New York State must close until further notice. This is an unprecedented action and we are actively working with local and state officials to determine the necessary response.

As a provider of technology support and network equipment distribution, our business serves providers of critical infrastructure, such as phone services, 911 emergency services, internet connectivity and more. We believe that operating in these categories qualifies us for an exemption, and we are awaiting the state’s response for that designation. In the meantime, we will continue operating on a limited basis to ensure that critical equipment gets to you, while maintaining the health and safety of our team.

**To this end, we ask that you communicate with your sales representatives at RocNet to designate any items that are URGENT or CRITICAL for maintaining your network. We will be prioritizing these shipments over orders for future upgrades, new builds or spares.**

We thank you in advance for your patience and flexibility. This truly is a unique situation for all of us, and we will continue to update you on our operations as new information emerges.

Mike Baker
RocNet Supply, Inc.
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