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The RocNet Macedon, NY Warehouse Expands to 22,000 Square Feet

The first RocNet warehouse had a small shipping/receiving area, a tiny office and the actual warehouse area consisted of two shelves, two small sections. We were able to use that to start the process of growing, so when we moved to our next space, we were able to get one entire row of equipment - what we thought at the time was a lot of room... yet we soon grew out of that as well.

When we moved into our current facility, we were very excited because we had a lot more space and we knew we wouldn't have to move again for years. Even so, as our customer base continued to grow, so did our opportunity to manage our client's network assets they no longer needed. We eventually knocked down a wall to add even more shelving and racks to continue to support our customers.

Now we fill our entire space - 22,000 square feet of warehouse space, which includes our test lab, a large shipping/receiving area, and many, many more racks of equipment. We've been able to continue expanding - ahead of schedule - because we've been able to build really great relationships with all our customers. So, thank you - to all our customers, and to everyone at RocNet; it has been, and continues to be, an exciting and fulfilling journey.

- Peter Wells

At RocNet we focus on providing the highest quality network equipment and professional services to our clients, and we believe this starts and ends with people. That is why we strive to be more than just a solutions provider: our mission is to ensure that we do right by our clients and our employees, creating a workplace where ideas and innovation can prosper to deliver the best overall experience for everyone involved.

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