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RocNet Supply prides itself on being more than just a hardware provider – we are a solutions provider. We work with our clients to build custom solutions for any project, leveraging both new and used hardware and our in-house services to get the job done. RocNet is proud to be a part of the growing Green Market Network Equipment Industry, providing quality hardware and services to network operators of all types. All our products and solutions include warranty and support.

Hardware and Solutions


We work with and carry in stock a wide variety of manufacturers and platforms. We are vendor non-biased, meaning we will work to get you the best overall solution regardless of who makes it, as long as it fits your needs and fits your budget.

  • CMTS, CCAP and R-Phy
  • IP Data
  • Optical Transport
  • HFC and RF
  • Switched Digital Video
  • Subsea Networks
  • CMTS
    • Cisco UBR10K / UBR7200
    • Cisco CBR-8
    • Arris C4/C4c
    • Arris E6000
  • Data
    • Cisco ASR9000
    • Juniper MX Series
    • ALU/Nokia 7x50
    • Brocade MLXe
  • Edge Routers/Switches
    • Cisco Catalyst Switches
    • Cisco Nexus Switches
    • Juniper EX Series
    • Juniper QFX Series
    • Nokia 7360 ISAM
    • Calix E-7
  • Transport
    • Cisco 15454
    • Ciena OME6500
    • Cyan Z Series

What is the Green Market?


The Green Market, also referred to as the secondary market, is the resale and distribution of previously owned products that have been used and put back into productive use. In the network equipment industry, this is comprised of equipment that has been collected, tested, refurbished, and re-certified by companies like RocNet Supply. This equipment is resold at a cost typically less than purchasing new from the manufacturer or other distribution channels.

The Green market helps extend the lifecycle of viable equipment, while helping operators save money to remain competitive and minimize costs. Additionally, when operators need equipment that has been discontinued by the OEM, the Green Market is an outlet for them to source the parts they need to maintain their networks. This equipment is often delivered more quickly than through standard distribution channels as well.

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Warranty and Support


Rochester Network Supply takes great pride in providing reliable, tested equipment to both our end-user and vendor partners. We provide a minimum 90-day warranty to vendor partners, and 1-year warranty to all end-user customers on every product that we sell.

Extended warranty options are available on certain items, for more information please contact your sales representative.

The Warranty Period on equipment purchased begins on the day the product arrives to the customer location. The product warranty covers your hardware purchase in case of shipping damage, product defects, physical damages, incorrect parts, or missing parts.

At RocNet we focus on providing the highest quality network equipment and professional services to our clients, and we believe this starts and ends with people. That is why we strive to be more than just a solutions provider: our mission is to ensure that we do right by our clients and our employees, creating a workplace where ideas and innovation can prosper to deliver the best overall experience for everyone involved.

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