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RocNet Supply offers custom tailored solutions for your obsolete, overstocked, or surplus equipment. Let us work with you to help recoup value on equipment that is out of service.

Why get rid of excess equipment?


Selling surplus assets generates real return

Cash or credit options available; Proceeds can be used to purchase network equipment or services.

Reduce operating costs

Unused equipment draws resources such as power, rackspace, and sometimes annual maintenance or support contracts

Eliminate clutter

Surplus equipment can build up over time and take up CO or Headend space better used otherwise

Time is Money

As with all technology products, newer products carry more value. The longer you hold onto your legacy equipment, the less it will be worth to resellers like RocNet. Contact us as soon as equipment is being removed from service to maximize your potential return.

How to get rid of excess equipment?


This is the easy part!

Contact us and we will take care of the rest. We offer de-installation services, white glove removal, packing, shipping and all logistics We have on-site programs for equipment collection.

What happens next?


RocNet Provides 100% visibility through the entire Asset Recovery process

You will receive a detailed accounting of all inventory sent to RocNet, with 24X7 real-time access via our online portal.

Reports are generated and sent monthly with data on your equipment, sales progress, and any returns.

When network assets have truly reached their end of life, have no further resale value, or are damaged beyond economic repair, RocNet Supply will ensure that your equipment is disposed of in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner, and in accordance with all State and Federal regulations.


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At RocNet we focus on providing the highest quality network equipment and professional services to our clients, and we believe this starts and ends with people. That is why we strive to be more than just a solutions provider: our mission is to ensure that we do right by our clients and our employees, creating a workplace where ideas and innovation can prosper to deliver the best overall experience for everyone involved.

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