Halny Networks

RocNet Next Gen Partner Technologies

Halny is a European-based company that creates customized solutions for global networks. They are focused on security for ONTs and on solving interoperability and provisioning problems in GPON networks. Their full suite of GPON, XGS-PON and WiFI CPE products provide freedom of choice and products to help you stay ahead of your competition. Additionally, their product suite eliminates vendor locking, so your business is more secure and predictable.

The Halny Advantage

  • European software development of an embedded device with a deep focus on GPON interoperability and security for ONT’s
  • Uses Adaptive OMCI: technology on ONT’s to discover OLT type and adjust OMCI packets and MIB’s. No firmware change requires. Product works out of the box with most OLT vendors including Huawei, Nokia, Adtran, DZS and Calix
  • 3 Provisioning methods: TR069/CWMP, DHCP Option 66 Provisioning (DOCSIS like provisioning) and RestAPI / JSON
  • OTT Upgrade: upgrade can be done by several methods including OMCI, TR069, as well DHCP upgrade
  • Smartphone App: Smartphone app can control and troubleshoot internet service over HALNy ONTs
  • Portfolio for GPON and XGS ONTs as well as Ethernet AP routers with VoIP (CPE’s)
  • Customization: All devices are designed for customer logo graphics upon request