Logistics Services

Logistics Services

RocNet provides logistics services, including site consolidation, equipment collection & site de-install; asset recovery; warehousing and storage; reverse logistics/re-deployment; e-recycling; custom consignment programs; and critical spares management.

Site Consolidation, Equipment Collection & Site De-Install

  • Removal of Old Equipment from Network Racks
  • Breakdown of Structured Cabling and Racking Organization
  • Packing and Shipping of Equipment to New Client Location or RocNet Facility

Asset Recovery

  • Client Hardware Organization and Inventorying at a RocNet Facility
  • Reporting of Findings in Real-time
  • See Our Asset Recovery Process for More Information

Warehousing and Storage

  • Full Service, Secure and Highly Efficient Warehousing of Your Network Hardware
  • 100% Real-time Visibility
  • Shipping Schedule Developed with Client

Reverse Logistics/Re-Deployment

  • Testing, Packing and Shipping on a Scheduled Developed by the Client
  • Additional Re-Deployment Available as Needed


  • Sorting, Packing and Shipping of Items to our R2 Downstream Partner for E-Recycling
  • Certificate of Destruction Provided
  • See the Circular Economy for More Information

Custom Consignment Programs

  • Recover Value for Legacy Network Hardware
  • All Other Logistics Services Can be Included as Part of Consignment Program

Critical Spares Management

  • Centralized Inventory Sparing Programs
  • 24-Hour shipping for Designated Spares Inventory
  • On-Site Sparing with auto-replenishment
  • 4-Hour replacement service for metro and other areas

Do you know the value of your network assets?

RocNet’s Asset Lifecycle Management Program can help you breathe new life into your inventory and monetize assets that you don’t need anymore!