Professional Services

End-to-End Service Offerings

Experience matters. Rely on ours.

RocNet provides broadband engineering services and end-to-end offerings to our customers to optimize their networks and total cost of ownership.

Pre-Sale Services – Our engineering team can help design your networks, and we offer multiple “try before you buy” options, including two virtual test labs where you can simulate a full network from its core all the way to the customer premise.

Post-Sale Services – Need help with installation and implementation? RocNet can help. We can even create custom implementation plans to launch your network upgrade.

Logistics Services – We can help you make responsible decisions with your legacy equipment and work to find ways to redeploy or resell it to get it back into a network and lessen its impact on the environment.

Broadband engineering support services for advanced network solution implementation

Asset Management and
Custom Consignment Programs

Not sure what to do with obsolete, overstocked, or surplus network equipment? We can help you recoup value on out-of-service equipment.

Remote Test Labs

We have two remote test labs to help you test new solutions and interoperability and even simulate traffic.