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Revolutionize Your Networking with IP Infusion’s Disaggregated Solutions

IP Infusion is a leading provider of disaggregated networking solutions for carriers, service providers, and data center operators. Their approach is to build software on open standards to deploy on low-cost commodity hardware, ultimately allowing network operators to reduce costs, enhance flexibility, and quickly deploy new features and services. And Open Compute Network Operating System (OcNOS) is a carrier grade Network Operating System that’s completely hardware independent, so end-users can benefit from having multiple hardware providers to choose from.

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OcNOS – The Industry’s Leading Network Operating System

  • Your choice of Software On Open Networking Hardware or a packaged bundle
  • Lower TCO: Save up to 65-75% compared to legacy equipment vendors
  • World-class 24/7/365 support model with single point of contact
  • Scale up to Terabit switching bandwidth

OcNOS Aggregation Router

  • Broadband Aggregation and Edge Routing
  • Broadband Aggregation Solution
  • Fixed Wireless Aggregation
  • Mobile Network Aggregation
  • Passive Optical Network Aggregation
  • Ethernet & Cable Internet Aggregation
  • Provider Network
  • Routed Optical Networking

OcNOS Cell Site Router (CSR)

Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway (DCSG)

OcNOS CSR is a smart converged integrated access platform that enables Service Providers to deliver next-level business and entertainment performance. It is a complete carrier class, Cell Site Router (CSR) product, that aligns with the Telecom Infra Project’s (TIP) Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway (DCSG) technical specification.

OcNOS Data Center

Data Center Leaf, Spine And Top-of-Rack

OcNOS DC can be used to build both Layer-3 and Layer-2 Data Center fabric. It offers a rich set of control plane features, delivering exceptional quality, lower costs and best-of-breed selection for hardware platforms. Support for advanced capabilities such as EVPN-VxLAN and IP over DWDM is available in OcNOS DC.

OcNOS Routed Optical Networking

Optical Transport

OcNOS RON supports Interconnecting Edge Data Centers, Fiber Backhaul for RAN densification, Metro Ring Topology and Service Provider Traffic Longhaul use cases. OcNOS RON is an innovative product that includes a modular chassis with Coherent pluggable cards that support 200G and 100G DWDM. Open ZR/ZR+ support has enabled support for 400G transport over longhaul.

Where can I buy IP Infusion?

RocNet offers more than just used equipment. As a full-service solutions provider, RocNet can help your organization from start to finish with system audits, recommendations, integration and virtual testing. So if you’re asking yourself, “where can I buy IP Infusion?” – consider the network solutions experts. And get the access to the full picture of how IP Infusion can work for you with our consultation, engineering, warehousing, e-recycling, installation and implementation services.


Download And Test Drive OcNOS Virtual Machine (VM) from IP Infusion

IP Infusion offers free virtual software downloads from their site so you can test drive their OcNOS Virtual Machine (VM) – the only open network operating system that supports a wide spectrum of hardware platforms and chipsets. Validate configurations and test L2, L3, and MPLS features at your own pace, with no costs associated. Quick Start and Configuration guides are provided.