Success Stories

Eliminating Lead Time Woes

Green Market Cuts Lead Times From Over a Year to Less Than 10 Days for Tier One Provider

A Tier 1 service provider was struggling with extended lead times from major OEMs during the supply chain crisis. These long delays in getting product were impacting their ability to service existing customers and take on new business. Using our extensive inventory of Green Market hardware, RocNet built them a customized stocking and inventory program to provide the hardware they needed. We reduced their costs by saving them money compared to OEM pricing and we reduced their average lead times from more than 52 weeks to less than 10 days. This helped them bridge the gap in their supply chains and continue new builds while their competitors’ growth was hampered by supply chain woes.

Network Evolution

RocNet Help Tier 2 Operator Meet Bandwidth Demand Through New Partner Technologies

A Tier 2 cable and broadband operator was running a legacy DOCSIS 3.0 network that was built mainly on secondary market hardware. As bandwidth demand grew, they needed a 3.1 solution, but due to the lack of secondary market options for 3.1 and Remote-Phy, RocNet partnered with Casa Systems, a leading developer of hardware and software solutions for the cable, broadband, and wireless industries. Since then, we’ve helped this operator deploy over 100 CMTSs across their footprint, allowing them to provide high bandwidth speeds to their customers.

Flexible Network Design

Vendor-Agnostic Approach Helps Rural Provider Deploy vCCAP for R-PHY and Achieve Cost Effective Scaling

A small rural service provider needed to deploy DOCSIS 3.1 in a challenging environment for traditional CMTS. RocNet explored a variety of options and ultimately used technologies from 4 different OEM partners to deploy a virtual CCAP solution for Remote PHY. We designed, integrated, and deployed the solutions for them, which ultimately allowed the customer flexibility in their network and saved them money because they could scale without needing to purchase additional hardware.

Streamlined SKUs

Helping a Service Provider Simplify Their Order and Inventory Management

A Tier one service provider had grown their fiber to the home business (FTTh) primarily through acquisitions. This left them with several different OLT vendors across their footprint, resulting in dozens of different ONT SKUs clogging up their inventory system. RocNet provided them with a multi-vendor ONT solution that streamlined things into 1 SKU for all OLT vendors. This involved interop testing, customization, and integration services from the RocNet engineering team. The customer was able to simplify their ordering and inventory management while cutting down on lead times and saving money on their CPE. Learn more about Halny.

White Box Technology Wins

RocNet helps Tier 2 Provider cut capex by 40% and deploy network in under 90 days with Disaggregated Routing

A Tier 2 service provider was looking to deploy next gen data networks to support 100 and 400G aggregation and beyond. Their challenge was trying to do this within their existing infrastructure of legacy big box router and switches. Working with RocNet, they were able to test and prove out an open network disaggregated routing solution from IP Infusion. They were able to deploy this network in under 90 days while saving on rack space, power consumption, heating/cooling, and reducing capex by nearly 40%. Learn more about IP Infusion.

Test Before You Invest

RocNet’s Unmatched Engineering Support and Test Lab Capabilities Instill Customer Confidence

One of our new technology partners, 6Wind, approached us with a service provider customer that had a problem that needed to be solved. The customer was interested in a CGNAT solution in a greenfield deployment, but they needed an integrator with extensive lab capabilities to fully prove out the solution alongside other vendor partners. In under a week, RocNet’s engineering team was able to stock up a full virtual test lab and run 100G traffic over the solution to prove the concept in a real-world scenario. Because of this thorough pre-sale testing, the vendor won the customer’s business and the customer was able to deploy their new network with confidence in its stability. Learn more about 6Wind.

Custom Consignment Programs

RocNet’s Consignment Program Helps Return Almost $1 Million to Customer Annually On Their Surplus Inventory

A Tier 2 broadband service provider with multiple sites had performed network upgrades that led to displaced legacy hardware taking up valuable space in their head ends. RocNet built them a custom clean up and consignment program where we decommissioned their in-rack hardware, removed loose equipment, inventoried it, and provided thorough reporting back to them. They now have much better visibility into their excess inventory, and our consignment program is returning nearly $1 million to them annually. Learn more about our Logistics Services.