Green Market Hardware

Green Market Hardware

Eliminate Lead Times · Promote Circular Economy

At RocNet, we are on a mission to revolutionize the network infrastructure industry by offering sustainable, cost-effective, and forward-thinking network solutions. Our purpose is to be a trusted partner, enabling our clients to save time and money while championing the principles of the circular economy.

RocNet is more than just a hardware provider – we are a solutions provider. We work with you to build custom solutions for your projects, leveraging both new technologies and Green Market hardware to meet your budget and your timeline.

Our robust inventory of Green Market hardware represents a wide variety of manufacturers and platforms. We are vendor non-biased, meaning we work with you to get the best overall solution for your application, regardless of who makes it. Our world-class test labs in both of our facilities provide you with equipment that is tested to the highest standards and backed by RocNet’s industry-leading warranty and support.

  • Supply Chain Protection
  • Fully Tested Hardware
  • Pre and Post Sale Engineering Support
  • Warranty and Support

Core Competencies

Core Routing and Switching
MetroE and Cell Backhaul
ToR and DC Switching
Optical Transceivers
OSP Fiber Nodes
Longhaul Optical Transport

OEMs We Stock


What is the Green Market?

Building Sustainable Network Practices

The Green Market, also referred to as the secondary market, is the resale and distribution of previously owned products that have been used and put back into productive use. RocNet collects, tests, refurbishes, and re-certifies this equipment and resells it at a cost typically much less than it would be new from the manufacturer or other channels.

  • The Green Market helps extend the lifecycle of viable equipment, while helping you save money and get your network equipment faster.
  • RocNet’s Green Market inventory is also a great place for you to source parts and products that have been discontinued by OEMs.

Circular Economy

ROI Driven, Data Responsibility

  • Network Auditing and reporting
  • Managed Services for Removal and Reverse Logistics
  • Warehousing and Re-deployment
  • Consignment Drives ROI
  • $6M+ Annual Partner Return
  • R2 Certified Downstream Recycling Partner

Warranty & Support

RocNet Supply takes great pride in providing reliable, tested equipment to both our end-user and vendor partners. We provide a minimum 90-day warranty to vendor partners, and 1-year warranty to all end-user customers on every product that we sell.

Extended warranty options are available on certain items. For more information on these options, please contact your RocNet sales representative.

The warranty period on equipment purchased begins on the day the product arrives to your location. The product warranty covers your hardware purchase in case of shipping damage, product defects, physical damages, incorrect or missing parts.