RocNet seamlessly delivered a single turnkey solution that included the IP Infusion OcNOS software suite to successfully upgrade the network of Adams Cable Service, a network services company based in Pennsylvania, to 400G and beyond. With the IP Infusion OCNOS solution, RocNet was able to eliminate concerns Adams Cable had encountered earlier while evaluating other vendors (excessive lead time, high costs, and overly-complex licensing). Adams Cable was also able to take advantage of the RocNet remote test lab to validate designs and complete rigorous testing – providing proof of concept while accelerating the project by nearly eight months.
“Deployments like the one for Adams Cable truly encapsulate the value of upgrades for our customers. Since we can provide the complete solution from POC to deployment, it allows the customer to focus on their network while RocNet handles the heavy lifting. We are providing more than just a solution to our customers; we are providing network confidence. Open networking revolutionizes the user relationship with networking equipment – enabling every customer to have a tailored solution delivered promptly.”

– Allen Licata
Executive Vice President of Network Solutions, RocNet Supply