RocNet Next Gen Partner Technologies

Unlock the Power of Access, Optical, and Cloud Solutions with DZS

With their innovative software and network advancements, DZS is empowering communications service providers to reimagine their EDGE and transform their businesses and network infrastructure. Their goal is to become the experience providers of tomorrow, delivering unparalleled connectivity and services to their customers. Hundreds of service providers across over 70 countries choose DZS to connect to over 70 million homes and businesses.

Broadband Connectivity   •   Mobile and Optical Edge   •   Cloud Software   •   Optical Network Terminals   •   WiFi Gateways and Extenders   •   Optical Transport   •   Fiber Access

The DZS EDGE portfolio helps CSPs turn the promise of EDGE transformation into reality.

  • Standards-based software to allow flexibility in deployment and disaggregated solutions.
  • Temperature hardened solutions in a range of flexible form factors to delivery world-leading performance and density.
  • DZS Helix provides CPE solutions fine-tuned to the needs of the Subscriber EDGE.
  • DZS Saber redefines the Optical EDGE with the first hardened, compact, and modular DWDM transport platform.
  • DZS Cloud provides the analytics, actionable insights, and control at the network EDGE that enable the ultimate subscriber experience and operational efficiency.